Upcoming Webinar in February 2018

The MIA Specialist Group has been preparing for an upcoming webinar titled Modelling Resource Recovery: State of the art and future challenges.

With the paradigm shift from “wastewater treatment plants” Purchase Viagra to “water resource recovery facilities”, wastewater is now considered not just as something to be treated but as a resource from which benefits and products can be recovered.
In this webinar, a general overview on the concept of water resource recovery facilities will be presented, wherein examples of existing resource recovery technologies will be discussed. A number of existing models will be revisited to determine what is missing in terms of model structure. The webinar aims to present current efforts to model these processes, with particular attention to technologies related to carbon and nutrient recovery. There will also be a discussion on model uncertainty which will potentially guide resource recovery processes’ modellers and model-users alike.

More Details over at our Events Page

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