Upcoming Webinar in July 2018

The MIA Specialist Group has been preparing for an upcoming webinar titled New advances in Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal (EBPR) Modelling

Following the 6th IWA/WEF Water Resource Recovery Modelling Seminar (WRRmod2018), the enhanced biological phosphorus can i buy viagra online removal (EBPR) session was elected through an online survey of IWA Specialist Group on Modelling and Integrated Assessment (MIA) members for a webinar.

Two new models for EBPR systems will be presented, one based on the metabolic approach and the second one based on Activated Sludge Model (ASM)-type model approach. Both models aim to overcome shortcomings of existing models that fail in predicting the behavior of EBPR processes under process upset conditions and of side-stream EBPR higher performance.

The two models will be critically reviewed by practitioners to provide a constructive discussion on the newly implemented processes and usability of the models.

More Details over at our Events Page

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