Modelling & Integrated Assessment

MIA Constitution (2017)


The objective of the SG is to address and promote all aspects of modelling, simulation and the formal methods of applying systems analysis to managing and improving the quality of the aquatic environment.
This includes the development and application of mathematical models and modelling tools such as optimisation algorithms, time-series analysis and forecasting, computational procedures for decision analysis and support, uncertainty analysis, etc. It hereby stimulates transfer of knowledge between academia and industry and between different areas within the water cycle.

The SG is also responsible for maintaining a forum for the discussion of inter-disciplinary issues within the International Water Association (IWA) to augment the engineering and economic elements of problem-solving with those having human, institutional, and cultural dimensions to them. The SG is also directed, therefore, at developing and promoting the application of systematic procedures of integrated assessment.


The membership of the SG is open to all IWA members, either individually or through their employer.

All members of the Management Committee (MC) must be members of IWA.


The SG will undertake the following activities:

  • Prepare communications of the Group’s activities and developments;
  • Convene conferences and workshops;
  • Initiate research and case studies;
  • Stimulate initiation and host Task Groups (TGs) and Working Groups (WGs);
  • Interact and streamline activities with other IWA SGs, as well as with other academic and professional organisations dealing with Modelling, Simulation, and Integrated Assessment in water systems.
  • Start SG-internal committees on specific emerging topics of interest to prepare basis for MC discussions.

Management committee

The MC of the SG will comprise of a Chair, Vice-Chair, outgoing Chair and up to ten other senior members. Two additional seats are available for Young Water Professionals (YWPs). These YWPs are full MC members and should have independent responsibilities. The MC decides whether all seats should be filled.

MIA is favouring a worldwide representation, promoting gender balance.

All MC members have to agree to take up one of the roles described below. If several members apply for a role, the Vice-Chair will organise an election. Roles may be combined or shared depending on the specific requirements of the SG.

  • Chair: Defines the main lines of work of the SG. Main contact for IWA. The Chair will select an affiliated YWP to assist in administrative and communication tasks.
  • Vice-Chair: Takes care of the daily business of running the SG. Second contact person for IWA. The Vice-Chair will become the next Chair.
  • Outgoing Chair: To guarantee smooth transition. Elected for another 2 years.
  • Administrative coordinator: Handles practical SG matters, such as organising MC meetings, writes and distributes meeting minutes.
  • Treasurer: keeps track of SG revenues and expenditures in close cooperation with IWA.
  • TG and WG Coordinator: Provides the link between MIA hosted and supported TGs and WGs and the MIA MC.
  • Liaison Officer: Coordinates cooperation with other IWA SGs, SG Clusters, organisations (e.g. WEF), companies and water authorities. The Liaison Officer will also coordinate MIA’s involvement in other conferences.
  • Public Relations Officer: coordinates all activities and MIA communications.
  • Webmaster: Maintains and regularly updates the IWA website and the group’s own website. Actively requests and organizes content for website updates.
  • Event Coordinator: Maintains and posts on website a list of conferences, workshops, or other events with a link to MIA. Creates a virtual MIA programme for the IWA World Water Congress
  • Coordinator to the Scientific/Programme Committee of WATERMATEX: Special position with the task to promote WATERMATEX.
  • Coordinator to the Scientific Committee of WRRmod: Special position with the task to promote WRRmod.
  • YWP Relations Officer: A MC member (may be a YWP him/herself) coordinating and further developing MIAs YWP programs.

Affiliated YWPs

To enlarge the work force as well as to train YWPs in leadership and serving on a MC, all senior MC members will be coupled to a YWP. These YWPs are “affiliated” and are not counted as full members of the MC, i.e. they have no formal vote on MIA matters (this in contrast to the two full MC positions for more seasoned YWPs). They can eventually become full members if a place opens up in the MC committee.
Teams are preferably made up by an affiliated YWP and a senior MC member from different research groups and countries.


  • Election of MC members:
    • Elections are held when free places in the MC become available. This can be either when an MC member decides to resign or due to prolonged inactivity of an MC member. A request for self-nomination for the MC is sent out to all MIA SG members. Candidates need to present themselves in a maximum of two pages and people of the age 35 or below are asked to indicate that they are YWPs.
    • The current MC organizes electronic voting by which all MC members are entitled to vote. The MC positions are filled according to ranking and the number of free places. Activity of YWP members is evaluated every year by the senior MC members. Activity of senior members is evaluated every year by the chair and vice-chair.
  • Election of Chair and vice-Chair:
    The Chair is elected for a period of 4 years. He/she will be replaced by the vice-Chair and becomes the Outgoing Chair for another 2 years. Every 4 years, during the quadrennial WATERMATEX conference, the MC decides which MC member becomes the new vice-Chair by anonymous vote.
  • Election of Affiliated YWPs:
    • A call will be sent out every second year to all MIA SG YWP members to apply as affiliated YWP. Candidates should write a motivation letter of maximum 1 page.
    • Affiliated YWP are selected by electronic voting in which only MC members are entitled to vote.
    • Selected YWPs will be teamed up with senior members in mutual agreement.
    • Activity of affiliated YWPs will be evaluated every year by the MC members.
    • Affiliated YWPs can decide to stay on longer than 2 years in the same function. However, a maximum term of 4 years is advised.
  • During the election time, the function of a member (affiliated YWPs included) can be reconsidered upon her/his or MC request. The interested member should officially express the will to experience a different/new function within the SG and this should be approved by the MC according to availability of free places or new possibilities.

Meetings of the Management Committee and Group

A formal meeting of the MC will be held:

  • in conjunction with the Group’s quadrennial WATERMATEX conference;
  • at IWA’s Biennial World Water Congress or at any other suitable international event when half or more of the senior MC members are present.

Next to these physical meetings, monthly conference calls are organised to discuss ongoing matters.

Moreover, a separate meeting is organised among the affiliated YWPs on a 3-monthly basis.

Meetings of the full Group, including the MC will be held:

  • in conjunction with the Group’s quadrennial WATERMATEX conference;
  • at IWA’s Biennial World Water Congress.

Financial aspects

The SG is based on self-financing, but administered from IWA’s main office with advice by the current SG Chair.