Upcoming Events

Events 2019

  • 10th IWA Symposium on Systems Analysis and Integrated Assessment (Watermatex 2019), Lund/Copenhagen,  Sept 1-4, 2019
  • The 10th IWA Symposium on Modelling and Integrated Assessment (Watermatex 2019) will provide a great forum to exchange methodologies and international experiences on all aspects of water-related problems within an interdisciplinary framework that relies heavily on different types of models. It deals with problems in drinking water treatment and distribution, sewer systems and wastewater treatment, surface and groundwater, technical and natural systems.
    It targets people from research, consulting companies, institutions and utilities to extend the use of models and computing tools to support the understanding, management and optimization of all water systems. Pre-conference workshops will be organized, including a YWP workshop. Senior and Young Water Professionals will jointly review papers.
    The Modelling and Integrated Assessment (MIA) Specialist Group of IWA organises Watermatex as a quadrennial symposium. We look forward to welcoming you in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark, in September 2019 for the 10th IWA Symposium on MIA.
    To learn more on Watermatex, download the flyer and the brochure and visit the website !.
    Stay connected :   #watermatex2019

  • NOVATECH: “moving towards an integrated and sustainable urban water management”, in Lyons (France) from July 1st to July 5th 2019.

Other future events of interest

  • 2020:
    • WRRmod2020: the 7th IWA Water Resource Recovery Modelling Seminar will take place from August 22nd until 26th, 2020 in Arosa, Switzerland. Visit the website here for more info.
    • IWA World Congress and Exhibition, Copenhagen, Oct 18-23, 2020
  • 2021:
    • 13th IWA Specialist Conference on Instrumentation, Control and Automation, in Beijing, China, from Sept 12 to Sept 16, 2021

Past Events

  • DYCOPS-CAB 2019, Florianopolis, Brazil, April 23-26
  • IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition, Sept 16-21, 2018, Tokyo, Japan
  • I.S.Rivers, 4-8 June 2018, Lyons, France
  • ecoSTP 2018, June 24-27, 2018, Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada
  • 5th Population Balance Modelling Conference, May 7 – 9, 2018, Ghent, Belgium
  • WRRmod2018, Lac Beauport, Québec, Canada
  • 20th World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control, July 9-14, 2017, Toulouse, France,  has taken place in Toulouse (France) from July 9 to 14, 2017, with an open invited session on process modelling, monitoring and automation in wastewater treatment.
  • 12th IWA Specialist Conference on Instrumentation, Control and Automation, June 11-14, 2017, Québec City, Canada
  • FICwtmod2017: 1st Frontiers International Conference on wastewater treatment and modelling, May 21-24, 2017, Palermo, Italy
  • Special Session @ SETAC Brussels 201727th Annual Meeting of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, May 7-11, 2017, Brussels, Belgium
  • WWTmod2016: Annecy, France
  • Watermatex2015: Brisbane, Australia
  • WWTmod2014: Spa, Belgium
  • The 7th IWA Specialist Conference on Efficient Use and Management of Water “Water Efficiency Strategies for Difficult Times : 22-25 October 2013, Paris, France
  • IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition: 16-21 September 2012, Busan, Korea (with the pre-congress workshop: Modelling activated-sludge plants)
  • 3rd IWA/WEF Wastewater Treatment Modelling Seminar: 26-28 February 2012, Mont-Saint-Anne, Québec, Canada
  • Watermatex 2011: June 20-22 2011, San Sebastian, Spain
  • IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition: 19-24 September 2010, Montreal, Canada
  • 2nd IWA/WEF Wastewater Treatment Modelling Seminar: 28-30 March 2010, Mont-Saint-Anne, Québec, Canada (WWTmod 2010)
  • IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition: 7-12 September 2008, Vienna, Austria
  • Watermatex 2007: May 7-9 2007, Washington DC, USA
  • 5th IWA Congress, Beijing, China, Sept 10-14, 2006.
  • WATERMATEX 2004 in Beijing
  • WATERMATEX 2000 in Ghent (Belgium)